Sunday, June 24, 2018

New-Gen Crypto-Networks: What Can We Achieve?

Current crypto-networks are plagued with limitations, high costs and lack of functionality. New generation crypto-networks will fix those problems and provide users with the services, security and convenience expected from the blockchain technology.
The following diagrams are only part of the story, but address the specific problems of today’s crypto-networks.
  • The first diagram shows how current crypto-networks are constrained in solving their current limitations: Scalability, throughput, high cost of network operation, blockchain space limitations, volatility of prices in their currency, hard forks, lack of security of user keys, lack of user identification, etc.
  • The second diagram shows how new generation crypto-networks may solve those limitations.
  • The third diagrams is an overlap the previous two, to highlight the differences.
LEGEND: See bottom-right of each diagram.
  • The objectives and requirements are in the ellipses at the top.
  • The basic functions are the dark rectangles.

Current Crypto-networks Functional Diagram:

New-gen Crypto-networks Functional diagram:

Composite Dependencies Diagram:

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